Study in London is worthable or not ?


It’s worth researching which university performs best within your chosen field, as institutions specialise in different areas. Learning from experts at the forefront of your field will provide invaluable insights and set you apart academically and professionally.

– London has undoubtedly some of the highest ranking universities in the entire globe, so the class of education can not be anything below good,
– London is a fantastic, diverse, international city, and it’s the political, economic and cultural heart of the country. You’ll feel at the centre of something special if you choose to study here.

– There are lots of jobs on your doorstep if you decide to stay on in London after your degree.
– There are several international airports offering easy access for overseas students.
– London is notorious for its very high cost of living, in particular house prices, but also the cost of food, eating out, and so on.
– It’s a huge city, meaning that getting from place to place can be a tough work – and expensive.
– It’s polluted and noisy.
– It’s not very student-oriented – it feels like a place for young professionals, not students, as there aren’t many student deals around, as there would be in a university city.

Also, there have been many forums where people have talked about “unsociable people and feeling lost” , though I won’t be so sure about opinions over facts.


London is dream city of so many students. London is one of the most famous cities in the world and is the capital of the United Kingdom Britain and the largest and the political and economic center.

Recently UK Government has announced 2 Years Post Study Work Visa. You can apply without IELTS here and get scholarship for whole course rather than 1 year.


A world-leading center of finance and commerce, London is an excellent place to secure an internship or work experience opportunity that will help to set you apart from your fellow students when it’s time to apply for jobs. Internships and part-time roles that are often only available in the capital can lead to further opportunities and offer a launch pad for your career.

There is also an abundance of part-time jobs available in London, which is perfect for students. London wages are typically higher than elsewhere in the UK, which will hopefully give you some extra cash to splurge on the city’s excellent cuisine and nightlife.


Living in London always seems a glamorous affair, with locations along the Thames and the vast, beautiful buildings in Fitzrovia. Although these buildings are there and cheap central locations can be found, it is most likely prospective students will be stuck in the outer zones of the city. In a poorly built zone four house with nothing more than a corner shop and a 50 minute tube ride into central London, resentment will soon develop.


Judgement doesn’t just come from fashionistas and graduates but from everyone in London, especially city workers. Whilst performing the walk of shame, which will inevitably involve taking the underground at some point, you will most likely be met by the glares from commuters on their way to work. The bitterness of these slaves of the nation’s capital is enough to turn any prospective student away.


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