Ministry of Home Affairs

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Archive of all the national and provincial home affairs ministers websites since their inception.

Contained under each minister’s profile, you will find the minister’s contact details, links to other related official departments, a calendar of events, current legislation they are responsible for, as well as a listing of all the government statements posted on their official website. The website is regularly updated.

The home affairs division is responsible for matters such as immigration, citizenship and naturalisation, labour law, environment, culture and sport, as well as passport and visa matters. The division also handles some border affairs in some countries.

Minister’s Name:

Mr Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad Al-Sheikh


The Home Affairs Ministry has Twitter accounts for each state official in the UAE, including the HFEPA Emirati. Read all about recent developments in the UAE’s home affairs on the official Twitter account.

The official Twitter account for the HFEPA (which is responsible for home affairs and national security in the UAE) has a large number of followers and users can have free updates whenever there are any news updates regarding home affairs in the UAE. You can connect with the HFEPA UAE home affairs Twitter account, which has around 9.4k followers as of today.

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