Principlesofhydrologypdf((BETTER)) Download


Principlesofhydrologypdf((BETTER)) Download



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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Between the Development of the Geological Sciences and the Intellectual Expansion of the Brontological Sciences 1717 · Principlesofhydrologypdfdownload · Gordon and Hanks CO4T Physics 8th Edition · 2. and development of CVD \[[@CR65]\], thyroid dysfunction should be investigated and treated in patients with stroke and T2DM \[[@CR23]\].

Strengths and limitations {#Sec13}

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first review and meta-analysis to investigate the association between T2DM and thyroid dysfunction in stroke patients. The novel findings in this study are that stroke patients with and without T2DM have significantly higher risk of thyroid dysfunction, and thyroid dysfunction predicts short- and long-term mortality in stroke patients. However, there are some limitations to the study. Firstly, there was heterogeneity across studies in the included literature, and the true effect might be affected by this heterogeneity. Secondly, most of the included studies were observational in design. The level of evidence on this topic is low, and more RCTs are required to further confirm the causal relationship. Thirdly, given that most of the included studies were retrospective, causality cannot be established.

Conclusions {#Sec14}

This study demonstrates that thyroid dysfunction is highly prevalent in patients with stroke, and it is associated with poor outcomes after stroke, including short-term and long-term mortality. The effect of thyroid dysfunction on prognosis in patients with stroke should be given more attention. Further studies with higher quality in the future are needed to validate the findings of this study.

Additional file


Additional file 1:**Table S1.** Main characteristics of included studies. (DOCX 25 kb)


: Body mass index


: Cardiovascular disease


: Diabetes mellitus


: Fasting plasma glucose


: Heart-type fatty acid-binding protein




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