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Given all of that, it is easy to say there is no simple way to measure the social change that comes when gun violence prevention becomes a mainstream, consensus issue. Does that make it hard to change attitudes and behavior? No. Absolutely not. The opioid crisis, which was immediately widely, and correctly, seen as a national health issue, is a perfect example of this. But the opioid crisis was also a public health crisis of the modern era. It led to widespread arrest and incarceration for possession of the substance. It was seen as a societal and national problem that negatively affected a range of groups. But it was also a crisis of our time that involved drug users and drug dealers. And it was, in fact, a crisis in that it did draw in and engage a lot of people who did not use opioids or get arrested for possessing them.

So this is not to say that gun violence prevention is no different than the opioid crisis. It is. But that’s actually good news. It means that when it comes to the types of attitudes and behaviors that we are talking about changing, it is far easier to change them in one area of our lives, like with parenting, than it is to change them in other areas of our lives, like with guns.

Let me return to the final question: The truth is, the public and policymakers can’t change the powerful gun industry, but we can shape the public narrative and, at the same time


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