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AutoCAD has experienced major revisions over the years. It was originally released as Release 13, but in the intervening years has been updated to Release 18 in 2018. This article does not provide a detailed history of the software but provides an overview of the major features of AutoCAD. For a more detailed description, see the full feature list for AutoCAD 2017.

AutoCAD’s purpose is to let people create diagrams, drawings, and other 2D or 3D drawings using a computer. AutoCAD is not a CAD system, but is intended to augment, not replace, a human designer or drafter.


The Editor window is the primary area of the program in which you work. The Editor window is split into three views: the Plan view (see Figure 1), the Graphical view, and the Annotations view. The Plan view is used for design work and the Graphical view is used for creating and modifying graphics. The Annotations view is used for drawing annotations, typically to highlight a feature, or to store data. To move back and forth between the three views, simply click in any view and drag to the desired location. The three views can be switched simply by clicking on the view tab to the left of the Editor window.

Figure 1. The Editor is split into three views: the Plan view, Graphical view, and Annotations view. In the Annotations view, you can place annotating symbols such as lines, points, text, and shapes.

The Plan view is the most familiar. It displays the blocks that make up the drawing, as well as the paper space on which the blocks reside. You can use the view’s tabs to move between the Plan view and the Graphical view. To zoom the Plan view, press the Zoom Key. This will temporarily freeze the movement of any selection handles. To zoom out, release the Zoom key, and then press it again. The Plan view also contains options for the display of blocks and the view of the paper space. (See the Plan view options in Figure 2.)

To change the display settings for blocks, click the Block Properties tab in the Plan view’s Ribbon. The Block Properties dialog box (see Figure 2) provides the following options:

To create and edit blocks and editable dimensions, click the Create Objects button. The Create Objects dialog box (see Figure 3) allows you to customize the appearance of your objects.

You can use the Block Properties tab to edit the color of

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Data-mining tools
Data-mining algorithms can be implemented by AutoCAD Product Key itself. AutoCAD also allows its users to use third party algorithms such as ADXL-EOS (one of the original algorithms), REGRESS and SAR-ESM (also known as SAR SAR optimization).

Additional automation features
AutoCAD Architecture (RADAR), a collection of scripts for building models and for defining a set of rules for AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical (RADE) allows software companies to create new functionality by reusing AutoCAD functionality. The platform provides design-time tools for creating and editing AutoCAD documents. This allows the reuse of the content and processes of the completed models. There are many third-party AutoCAD extension products that provide additional functionality.
AutoCAD Mechanical allows working with cross sectional drawings using cross sections and sections.
Visual LISP and Visual LISP for AutoCAD allow users to design their own libraries. Visual LISP provides: macros, syntax, runtime, and class libraries. Visual LISP for AutoCAD provides: macros, syntax, and class libraries. It also includes a subset of Visual LISP programming concepts (such as Variables and Expressions) and offers a unique visual language for user interface and control flow.
AutoCAD provides a comprehensive mechanism for: setting output settings for a drawing, saving, overwriting files, and so on. In addition to the settings dialog, AutoCAD provides: the command line, the Interpreter, the Operating System registry, and the Graphics Processing Unit.
AutoCAD X (formerly ARCX) allows a programmer to program custom functionality for AutoCAD.

Other features
The following features are available in AutoCAD.
Bridge is a feature for joining entities and other objects (e.g., dimensions) to create new entities. For example, if two lines are not perpendicular, AutoCAD can be used to create an angle and a perpendicular line through the two lines.

Conditional formatting allows formatting to be based on values within AutoCAD drawings. For example, in a floor plan, the volume of a room could be highlighted if its area exceeds a particular value.
Conversion Utility converts between the drawing formats DXF, DWG, DWF, DGN, and two cross-platform formats: PDF and GIF.
DWG to PDF allows the conversion of AutoCAD drawings to Adobe Portable Document Format

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What’s New In?

Streamline your print production with quick turnaround time. Configure your design and the type of print output you want, then use the application to automatically optimize your workflow, speed up print time, and lower your costs.

Use drafting features to empower your entire design process. Improve your designs with an intuitive interactive drawing canvas, support for a more natural interface, and visual tools to help you effortlessly create and view CAD drawings.

Accelerate your design process with hundreds of new 2D drafting features. Use new and improved tools such as drawing rulers, perspective grid, shape and image editing tools, and dimensioning controls to help you create faster and more efficient drawings.

Power your creative process with a web-connected app. Easily access the latest product updates, customer support, and social media and have your drawings always stay up to date and ready to go.

Export your designs to AutoCAD objects for use on Google SketchUp or Microsoft SketchUp for 3D. Or, output directly to PDF, so you can work on your designs in a variety of applications.

Use CADDraw 360 to collaborate with your team, clients, and peers from around the world. Share your drawings and model as both high-resolution 2D and 3D models.

New Drawing Features

What’s new in AutoCAD for Electrical

Simplify design workflows, saving time and lowering costs, by integrating the electrical CAD features you use in other Autodesk apps into one place.

Draw electrical schematics, such as switches, fuses, meters, dimmers, circuit breakers, and switches, and get a better idea of what’s happening with multiple sources of electrical information in one place. Use electrical characteristics, such as voltage, frequency, phase, and current, along with different colors, to analyze circuits and instantly identify problem areas and determine the best solution.

Increase your productivity by easily sharing, working, and reviewing electrical designs. All electrical schematics, such as schematic views, bill of materials, and circuit breakers, are seamlessly shared between CAD, engineering, and design applications. Collaborate with colleagues on the team using rich commenting and other collaboration features.

Be more productive when troubleshooting. Save time with a live view of your circuit breakers in 3D, and see the operation of individual breakers, any open circuit

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows Vista (SP1)
Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 4 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
Game version: v1.4.7 (31 May 2012)


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