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How to segue to viewController which is embedded in a NavigationController?

I’m building a basic app.

I have a NavigationViewController(NavigationController)
This NavigationViewController is embedded in another NavigationViewController (NavigationController)
I have 2 viewControllers(ViewController)
The first viewController has a button that segues to the second viewController
Both of the viewControllers are embedded in another viewController(ContainerViewController)

This is a very basic project but is causing me some issues and I can’t figure out how to fix it.
1. I have a segue from button to segue. When I try it, it gives me a weird error “This storyboard references no IPhone storyboards”.

2. What I want to do is take the selected object from the first viewController and get its objectId and use that objectId to create an object for the second viewController

Here’s a screen shot of how the app is setup.


You have strange structure, you should keep all ViewControllers in Navigation Controller, like you do,

You need to have segues from ViewController to ViewController.

When you need to push different ViewController you use method push or pop.
If you want to use segues, you must navigate from ViewController to ViewController. If you want to do that, you must change your structure like this,

Create ViewController and add to Navigation Controller.

Create another navigation controller.
In second navigation controller add first one as root view controller.
create segue between ViewController and first Navigation Controller.

Then create segue from ViewController

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